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Sustainable Food Cities, Belfast Food Network & Sustainable NI
Food, Health and Wellbeing – Building a sustainable food movement in NI

Tue 21st May 2019, Long Gallery, Parliament Buildings, Belfast BT4 3XX

Did you know that what’s on your plate plays a larger role in contributing to climate change than the car you drive? We tend to think about fossil fuels and miles per gallon, about LED lights and mass transit – but not so much about combine harvesters or processed meals or food waste. Few of us consider the impacts of the food we eat, despite the fact that globally, food systems account for roughly one quarter of all manmade greenhouse gas emissions. That’s more than the entire transportation sector, more than all industrial practices, and roughly the same as the production of electricity and heat.

Sustainable Food Cities, Belfast Food Network and Sustainable NI are hosting an event to increase understanding of the benefits of building a sustainable food system that will contribute to a sustainable, prosperous and resilient society. The event will explore what’s needed to build a sustainable food system in Northern Ireland, highlighting practical ways that we can work together to share challenges, explore practical solutions and develop best practice on key food issues.

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9:15am – 1:30pm