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A locally just net–zero transition in the UK: how to make it happen?

Wed 9th June 2021, Online

While the net–zero transition is expected to be a growth opportunity overall, it will make some industries, as well as some skillsets, obsolete, or in need of a costly adjustment. The just transition policy agenda has emerged as an important umbrella term to discuss the fair distribution of the costs and opportunities of the net–zero transition. Part of this agenda in particular aims to ensure that the transition is an opportunity rather than a threat for local economies and workers.  This webinar brings together a panel of experts and practitioners to explore the challenge of a just transition across local economies in the UK.

We will discuss the local economic impacts of the net–zero transition, and ask: what do we mean by a just transition? what does success look like? Is it sufficient to focus on active labour market policies and access to skills and training, or is a whole economy approach needed? Finally, we will consider what institutional reforms may be needed to bring about a just transition given the history of regionally unbalanced growth and the weak record of regional growth policies to date in countering these trends.


16:00 – 17:30