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Climate Services Standards and Values

Wed 2nd June 2021, Online

The Met Office appointed a team led by JBA Consulting in October 2020 to deliver this project that is developing a new standards framework for climate services and developing and testing a methodology for monitoring and valuing climate services. More project details area here. The project has carried out its initial scoping stage and has held a stakeholder engagement event in April 2021. This webinar will update participants on the purpose of the project, progress so far and plans for the future. Climate services is a broad term that will be defined in the webinar: it refers to services with a clear link to underpinning science that are used to make decisions to manage climate–related risk.

Murray Dale is a Chartered Meteorologist and Technical Director at JBA Consulting who has worked with climate projections since 1999, especially in the translation of science into practical application. He has worked on climate resilience projects for a mixture of UK public and private sector clients and internationally for clients including the World Bank. 

A stakeholder response will be provided by Briony Turner. Briony is an innovative climate change, space, wellbeing, housing and regeneration professional and academic keen to bridge the gap between academic research, policy and professional practice. She manages the Space4Climate group, which unites UK–based space–enabled climate expertise and services and has co–founded the MESH networking facility for the UK Climate Services community.