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Climate risk and adaptation: The role of business in delivering a resilient UK

Wed 6th October 2021, Online

 Please join us for an online session to discuss the key climate risks that businesses are exposed to in the UK and the role of business in delivering a climate resilient UK.

The Independent Assessment of UK Climate Risk identified that businesses are vulnerable to a range of climate impacts from heavy rainfall, surface water flooding and high temperatures, to water scarcity and coastal flooding. These impacts create a range of risks, such as disruption to supply chains and distribution networks, damage to business sites and reduced productivity. Some business decisions are creating additional risk by locking in increased exposure and vulnerability.

Some action has already been taken by businesses, however, and businesses, large and small have a key role to play in delivering a climate resilient UK. The changing climate could also bring opportunities to some sectors and localities leading to new markets for goods and services.

During this session we will hear from lead authors of the Business and Industry chapter of The Third UK Climate Change Risk Assessment Technical Report.


10:00 – 11:00