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UK Climate Resilience Programme
How will multiple climate hazards impact UK food over the 21st Century?

Wed 10th June 2020, Online

 Compound climate events occur when climate drivers result in multiple climate hazards, leading to increased impacts relative to the hazards occurring separately. To classify as a compound event, hazards may occur concurrently, or consecutively, or might involve multiple climate drivers. The hazards may be spatially related or the first may be a preconditioning event that causes the second driver to result in a hazardous situation. In this seminar we will introduce compound climate events with a focus on the impacts to the UK agricultural sector. We will present initial results from case studies which include examples of different types of compound hazard. As well as characterising future changes to compound hazards, we aim to combine this information with exposure and vulnerability generate risk projections where possible. We will demonstrate our use of the UK Climate Projections perturbed parameter ensemble and discuss some of our plans for ongoing work.