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Reducing Carbon Usage Online Talk: XRNI with Jim Woods

Sun 25th October 2020 - Sun 25th October 2020, Online


XRNI Regenerative Culture and Wellbeing are delighted to welcome Jim Woods to give an online talk about reducing carbon usage. Jim will give a brief explanation of various renewable systems, and cover topics including basic no cost methods to reduce CO2, working up to fully off grid methods and cost, community generation cooperatives, and smart meters.

This will be a 25 minute online presentation with time for Jim to answer some questions afterwards.

Jim has 20 years’ experience in renewable energy as an electrical power engineer with NIE. He worked for 4 years on large scale offshore windfarms, has experience of installing 200 + solar PV systems at domestic level and of commissioning and maintenance of large scale solar, and is accredited for EV charging systems/home chargers. Jim has a long interest in renewable energy and self sufficiency and his own house has solar PV and battery storage.