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UK Youth for Nature

Sat 18th September 2021 - Sun 26th September 2021, Belfast

We’re aiming to create a series of murals that truly bring together the four nations in the fight against biodiversity loss in the run up to COP26. We noticed a lack of conversation surrounding biodiversity when it came to the climate crisis talks and it’s something we don’t want people to forget. Biodiversity loss has steadily continued in the UK and this is our chance to make a stand by highlighting some of the species that have suffered so dearly in the UK.

These murals will be placed in cities throughout the UK to shed a bit of light on what we might be missing at a local level, at the hearts of our urban lives. But we’ll also be guiding the story on each mural to bring them together and showcase how passionate the UK is about protecting its biodiversity when it gets the chance. This’ll be where people can help support the project, by providing social buzz, adding to the depth of our story with their own blogs, videos, photos, boots on the ground will be vital where possible. We’re always looking for new walls, new artists and people on the ground to help too!