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Unlocking Local Action: Boosting the Local Economy

Thu 4th February 2021 - Thu 4th February 2021, Online

Join us for an interactive session with Gareth Davies, Managing Director, Aquatera and Aquatera Project Director for ReFLEX Orkney to learn how creating opportunities for employment and involving the local community throughout has helped to create an island–wide low–carbon system spanning heat, transport and electricity networks.

Gareth is Managing Director of Aquatera and Aquatera Project Director for ReFLEX Orkney. He has worked as an environmental consultant for over 20yrs. Trained as a marine biologist, completing a PhD in Deep Sea Biology, he has completed over 350 projects from strategic planning and risk assessment, resource assessment studies to operations support for wave and tidal developers.

This is part of our Unlocking Local Action series of events.

Community is the lens so often left out of the environmental discussion, but it’s vital in implementing lasting solutions. Rather than conceiving a “master” climate action plan at arm’s length, people in many areas are co–creating local plans and low–carbon initiatives. In this series of short talks, we hear from guest speakers about how they engage the broader community in their work and compare and contrast the different ways of bringing more people together.

This session on Boosting the Local Economy will explore the economic benefits for communities that work together reducing carbon emissions, showcasing the island–wide approach taken by ReFLEX Orkney. It will run for approximately 30 minutes. Our speaker will talk for around 10 minutes about their specific approach to engaging the community, and this will be followed by an opportunity to join in a live Q&A.


4 February 2021 13:00 – 13:30 GMT