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Energy Transition Conference 2021

Mon 26th April 2021 - Fri 30th April 2021, Online

Transition of society – fair, just and sustainable?

26 April 2021 | Venue: virtual

The five sessions:

1. Fairness and justice in the energy transition

Fairness and justice for consumers and industry in the North and South, the East and the West should be cornerstone of energy and climate policy making. This session addresses the massive polarization in the world, which needs to be removed in order to meet the sustainable development goals we have signed up for.

2. On track to meet the Paris Agreement?

With COP26 coming up in Glasgow in November 2021 we want to take a short pause and look back at what has been achieved, where new insights are available and if there is a need to adjust pathways.

3. Challenges to deep decarbonisation

During this session we focus on technical and societal constraints to a deep transition. What are technically feasible options to reduce emissions, the role of sector coupling, which role do consumers play, how can we decarbonize industry, how does the smart city of tomorrow look like are just few topics that are addressed.

4. The color of hope is green

The European Green Deal, climate action in China and the US, stimulus packages for economic recovery following the global pandemic – several activities have the potential to make the energy transition a global effort. Are these sufficient and what can green growth look like?

5. Don’t slow me down

In this closing session, we point to the potential controversies that could slow down or hamper the transition of society: the societal dilemma across the globe, the question on how costs and benefits are allocated among customers and industry, geographical perspectives on just transition or if degrowth can be a solution to the Northern hemisphere. Are targets for renewable energy and environmental goals aligned and how do they match with the wishes of individuals and quality of life?

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26th – 30th April 2021, 9am