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Greener Recovery Festival

Mon 22nd March 2021 - Fri 26th March 2021, Online


About this Event

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We are delighted to present our Climate and Biodiversity emergency festival and five–day training conference where we will consider Net Zero, Net Gain, Adaptation and Natural Capital Accounting.? Flexible ticket types available. You can choose from a single day access to multiple days or attend a full event. During these interactive days you will debate a Greener recovery, engage in thought leadership discussions delivered by industry experts and participate in technical CPD sessions presented by best in field practitioners.

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The event will involve

  • Five ½ days to equip you to tackle climate, biodiversity emergency and accounting for landscape methodologies in your day–to–day practice
  • Technical advice and guidance for every landscape practitioner
  • Policy development> technical guidance> training> case studies> and virtual site visits
  • Engaging learning sessions
  • Meet the speakers and sponsors networking opportunities
  • Interactive climate workshops to ensure every landscape professional is able to adapt their personal and professional behaviour to make a difference

Some of the learning outcomes will include:

  • Strategies to mitigate overheating risk at early design stages, including building as well as surrounding environment??
  • How to challenge systemic racism to widen BAME access to green spaces and diversify the landscape profession
  • Actions to address issues of climate justice and climate equity
  • What a nature led approach means – and why coordinated action in rural and urban environments and at different spatial scales is essential.
  • An understanding of what the Nature Recovery Network is, and how it will be delivered
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£6 – £72

Mon, 22 Mar 2021, 09:00 – Fri, 26 Mar 2021, 13:00