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Stephen Flood

Senior Post Doctoral Scientist
University College Cork

Climate, Adaptation, Communication, Coastal-Management

Tell us about your background and your current role…

I’m a geographer by training, with a PhD from Maynooth University under the supervision of Prof. John Sweeney. I moved to Wellington, New Zealand in 2014 to pursue a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Victoria University of Wellington exploring impacts and implications of climate change with a focus on decision–making. I’ve worked for Landcare Research (a public–private research institute based in New Zealand) as an Environmental Social Scientist in the areas of climate change adaptation, resilience, disaster reduction, and environmental education. I am currently a Senior Post Doctoral Scientist at University College Cork.

With regard to climate change what are the current issues facing your sector/area of expertise?

There are quite a few! My research focus is on climate adaptation and resilience. There are significant challenges and opportunities to adapting our current systems and economies to the impact of present and future climate change. I’m interested in impacts on livelihoods, infrastructure, land and water resources, biodiversity, and agriculture.

With regard to climate change, what do you expect the future issues and solutions to be in your sector/area of expertise?

Future issues will be associated with the protection and health of our natural resources, our ecosystems, and our most vulnerable communities. Decoupling development from the production of greenhouse gases, along with effectively adapting to climate change impacts, is the big picture solution. This will require a rethink of how we manage our natural resources, how we generate our energy, how we grow our food, and how we build our infrastructure.