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Climate Action Fund 2nd Round 25 February 2021

Climate Action Fund opens to applicants across the UK, looking to address waste and sustainable consumption in their communities

The National Lottery Community Fund has launched the second round of applications for the Climate Action Fund and a new report to demonstrate and inspire community–led action on climate change.

This round of funding will see £8 to £10 million made is available for development and full grants across the UK. As the largest funder of community activity in the UK, The National Lottery Community Fund have already committed almost £20 million to projects supporting community–led climate action as part of the Climate Action Fund. In addition to this, the Fund is exploring how to embed environment and climate action throughout its funding portfolios, such as its environmental top–up grants currently being piloted in Wales.

In this round, the Climate Action Fund will focus on supporting projects addressing waste and sustainable consumption. There are a wide range of community–led approaches being implemented across the UK to move towards becoming a lower waste?society, and the Fund’s aim is to identify and support the best opportunities for community–scale action.

This round has a particular focus on projects that have the potential to scale, are approaching an old problem in a new way, are exploring innovative finance mechanisms to ensure longer–term sustainability, are exploring narratives to engage new audiences?and address behaviour change and are clearly pointing towards the potential for systemic change.

The Climate Action Fund is keen that applicants are able to identify the carbon impact of their project, with ideas and approaches looking at themes such as retail and consumerism, repair and re–use, sustainable fashion, food waste and reimagining waste flows.

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More details and how to apply are available here.