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Boris: £350bn green recovery

Boris: £350bn green recovery 22 July 2020

Boris Johnson touts £350m innovation funding to fuel ‘green, sustainable recovery’ (via Business Green)

By Michael Holder

PM marks first year in Number 10 with support for raft of CCS, hydrogen, green construction, space and transport projects

The Prime Minister has marked his first year in office by unveiling a £350m green funding package today to support efforts to drive down carbon emissions from heavy industry, construction, space and transport, touting the move as a bid to "fuel a green, sustainable recovery" from the Covid-19 crisis.

The multi-million pound investment package includes £139m towards 12 projects Scotland, Wales and the North of England to help heavy industry shift from using natural gas to clean hydrogen power, and to scale up carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology to trap emissions.

Another £149m will also go towards ramping up the use of innovative, greener materials in heavy industry, with 13 projects sharing in the spoils to support initiatives such as reusing waste ash in the glass and ceramics industry, and developing recyclable steel, according to Number 10.

The package also includes £26m to support advanced new building techniques aimed at cutting building costs and CO2 in the construction industry, on top of £10m shared between 19 construction technology projects ranging from re-usable roofs and walls to digital building data analysis.

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