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Councils deliver CC action?

Councils deliver CC action? 10 July 2019

Climate crisis: can councils deliver on bold promises to cut emissions? (via The Guardian)

By Anna Bawden

Jessie Sims is one of 600 people in Stroud, Gloucestershire, to have had their homes retrofitted to make them more energy efficient. In 2013, the district council replaced the windows and doors, insulated the loft and floors, and installed solar panels on the roof as part of its programme to become carbon neutral by 2030.

“I think it’s brilliant,” she says. “I used to have an old–fashioned storage heater, which cost a fortune to turn on and didn’t work well. Now it’s cosy and I’ve halved my fuel bills.”

Last week, the Labour party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, called on councils to lead the way in cutting carbon. “Local government and local communities are absolutely essential to confronting the climate emergency,” he said. It follows the announcement by Theresa May last month to commit to net zero UK carbon emissions by 2050.

Stroud has been tackling the causes and effects of global heating since the 1990s. In 2009, it adopted a carbon management plan and in 2015 announced that it had become the first local authority in Europe to become carbon neutral. Energy–efficiency measures and renewable–energy installations include solar panels on all municipal buildings, secondary glazing and internal insulation on the council’s grade II–listed building, and ensuring all its electricity and heating comes from renewable sources. By creating a local waste–management company in partnership with neighbouring authorities, it boosted its low recycling rates to 61% and now sends the least waste per capita to landfill.

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