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Education on causes of CC

Education on causes of CC 11 June 2019

Scots want more education on causes of climate change, survey suggests (via Belfast Telegraph)

Almost a third of Scots are unaware of the damage flying does to the environment, according to new research.

A survey found 31% did not know travelling by plane was contributing to climate change.

Meanwhile, a third (33%) were unaware of the impact of taking the car for short trips, and of single–use plastic.

Censuswide Scotland published details of the survey in the wake of Holyrood’s Environment Committee meeting, insisting ministers must put in place clearer plans for action across the board to tackle the “catastrophic harm” being done to the environment.

And while First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has declared a “climate emergency”, only just over half (54%) of Scots were aware of this announcement.

But almost three quarters (73%) said they were willing to change their buying habits to help combat climate change – including reducing the amount of meat they eat and reducing holidays abroad such as trips to Europe.

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