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Educational Resources 24 April 2020

A list of climate change resources for adults and children who want to learn about climate change

Climate NI has gathered a list of educational resources to help you learn about climate change. Whether you are working from home and feel like learning something new or you have children at home with curious minds. We have gathered together some resources from trusted organisations and we’ll be adding to this list as and when we find more. 

Suitable for children:

1. Eco Schools NI has a range of resources you can access from home, check out the Greenhouse Fact Sheet and teaching resources with activities. Click here to access resources.

2. NASA Climate Kids is an easy to use platform where children can learn a lot of the basics about climate change in one place, there’s even educational games, videos and activities. Click here to access resources.

3. The Met Office have a range of resources for both 7–11 year olds and 11–14 year olds. You’ll be able to find lesson plans that are used in the classroom but can also be used at home alongside activities. Click here to access resources.

4. Practical Action has resources for KS1 to KS4 pupils and students older than 16. Includes PowerPoint presentations, activities, posters, challenges, images, videos and games covering energy, climate change and disaster risk reduction. Click here to access resources.

Suitable for adults:

1. The UN Climate Change Learning Partnership provides learning resources to help people, governments and businesses to understand, adapt, and build resilience to climate change. The website has a number of courses so you can choose what topic to start with. Click here to access resources.

2. Prefer learning by watching videos? The Environmental Protection Agency, Ireland hosts public lectures on climate change and they’re available on YouTube. Click here to access resources.

3. Future Learn offers a range of online courses – Find out what causes global warming and understand the effects of climate change. Learn with expert researchers from leading universities and specialist organisations. Click here to access resources.


If you would like to get in touch with us about any of these resources or other resources you find that we should recommend to other, please get in touch with Amy Bell by emailing