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Extreme weather in detail…

Extreme weather in detail… 18 September 2019

Resolving detail on the future face of extreme weather (via the Met Office)

By Grahame Madge

Understanding more about the future intensity of hourly rainfall and daytime extreme temperatures are two factors vital to the resilience of the UK in a world increasingly impacted by climate change.

Today [Monday 16 September 2019], Defra, BEIS, Met Office and the Environment Agency are launching the highest–ever resolution of climate projections produced for the UK: for the first time on a par with the resolution used for weather forecasting.

The launch complements the other products already unveiled last year as part of the UKCP18 suite of climate projections.

Dr Lizzie Kendon is a climate scientist at the Met Office. She said: “Extreme weather events, such as higher maximum daily temperatures and intense rainfall events leading to flash flooding, are projected to be serious consequences of climate change affecting the UK in coming decades.”

Read more via the Met Office…

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