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Green jobs ‘revolution’

Green jobs ‘revolution’ 3 June 2020

Chancellor preps green jobs ‘revolution’ (via Business Green)

By James Murray

As new study suggests net zero transition could create over 350,000 new jobs and deliver £90bn in economic benefits, Rishi Sunak is said to be preparing a green jobs package that promises to go beyond previous manifesto promises

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is poised to make green jobs the centrepiece of the government’s imminent economic recovery package, as Ministers look to turbocharge the net zero transition in their bid to avert a deep recession.

The Times reported this morning that Sunak is planning a “green industrial revolution” that would aim to create thousands of jobs for those made redundant through the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

The economic stimulus package – which is due to be announced next month – is expected to include specific new skills programmes to help people who lose their jobs to “reskill” in clean industries, such as building upgrades, offshore wind, tree–planting, and carbon capture.

The Times reported the measures are understood to go significantly beyond the Conservative’s manifesto commitment to create two million jobs in clean energy within the next decade.

The news follows similar reports from the FT, which suggested low carbon industries would play a central role in the government’s recovery plans, as well as Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s assertion last week that the world should look to ‘build back better’ and use recovery packages to advance climate action.

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