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Irish floods becoming severe

Irish floods becoming severe 17 September 2019

Ireland and other parts of North–Western Europe are most likely to suffer from extreme flooding episodes prompted by climate change, a new study has revealed (via Green

The study published in the journal Nature examined “river flow data” from thousands of locations over 50 years, identifying a pattern of increased flooding in Ireland and other North–Western areas.

The study’s international team of scientists did find decreased precipitation and a significant decline in size and severity of flooding episodes in Southern and Eastern Europe. 

The study, the fruit of a large–scale collaboration between 50 scientists from 35 countries, looked at data from 1960 to 2010 at over 3,700 measurement stations across Europe.

Researchers have warned that the findings signify a clear indication of an active link between flooding and climate change and that “climate–driven changes are already happening”.

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