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Join the CNI Health Network! 27 September 2019

Are you concerned about climate change? Are you interested in learning more about the likely impacts of climate change on health and wellbeing?

This regional network is for organisations, health practitioners and individuals interested in climate and health issues relevant to Northern Ireland, to enable access and sharing of information on risks as well as potential responses and solutions. There is no cost or obligation involved in joining.

How to Use – Three Steps to Get Started

Step One

Simply click the link below and create a Knowledge Hub account to see the information on this site, add events, post in the forum or upload to the library:

Step Two

Hit ‘subscribe’ on the front page to be notified of updates.*

Step Three

Use the grey bar at the top of the page to navigate the platform, e.g. ‘Forum’, ‘Library’, ‘Events’

*Note: For best experience, click subscribe on the homepage. However you can choose also choose specific sections of the platform from which to receive notifications if you prefer. Go to ‘settings’, under the link to your account in the top right hand corner. You will then need to click ‘groups’ and return to the platform.

What information is available?

This should be news, resources or articles directly relevant to the topic of climate and health. The site will be moderated by Climate NI and Belfast Healthy Cities, which provide the secretariat for the Network.

Members can post and read contributions to this site under three key areas:

1. Library – A range of uploaded documents including ‘Key Resources for Health Professionals’. Click the plus sign at the top to upload a new document.

Please note: (The Library only allows documents like PDFs – links MUST be posted in the forum)

2. Forum – Posting new information, links and discussion topics. Select ‘Post new thread’ button to start a new topic.

3. Events – Share an upcoming event with the group. Click “Add event” and include the relevant event information – Event Title, Location, Date, Description etc.

If you have any questions please do get in touch: