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Net Zero and infrastructure

Net Zero and infrastructure 18 July 2019

Net Zero rules to hit infrastructure pipeline (via New Civil Engineer)

By Connor Ibbetson

Plans for dozens of the UK’s biggest infrastructure projects will have to be redrafted to meet new, stricter carbon emissions rules.

A New Civil Engineer investigation has revealed that Heathrow’s third runway, the Lower Thames Crossing and the Sizewell C nuclear plant are among dozens of planned projects whose plans will have to be redrafted to comply with new net zero regulations.

Prime minister Theresa May announced in June that the Climate Change Act 2008 was to be updated with an amendment to reflect recommendations laid out in the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) Net Zero report.

The updated legislation commits the UK to cutting carbon emissions by 100% to a net zero level by 2050. The bill that will to bring the net zero goal into law is currently awaiting a second reading in the House of Commons.

The changes to the law are likely to affect all development consent orders (DCOs) which are currently sitting at the pre–examination or pre–approval stage. DCOs are handled by the Planning Inspectorate and are required for largescale projects which are deemed to be of “national interest”.

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