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People displaced by weather

People displaced by weather 16 September 2019

Nearly twice as many people displaced by weather than conflict in first half of 2019 (via Independent)

By Lily Puckett

A record seven million people were displaced by disasters in the first half of 2019, suggesting that mass displacement due to extreme weather events is “becoming the norm,” according to a new report. 

The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, which uses data from governments, United Nations humanitarian agencies, and media coverage to create its reports, concluded that nearly twice as many people were displaced in the first half of the year by weather events than by conflict and violence. The report was compiled before Hurricane Dorian struck the Bahamas – the numbers affected by that storm are still unclear.

IDMC estimates that the number of new displacements associated with weather events will reach 22m by the end of the year, more than tripling the current number, and making 2019 one of the worst years for climate displacement since records began.

Alexandra Bilak, IDMC’s director, said in a press release accompanying the report: “The international community cannot continue to ignore internally displaced people.

“We must support national governments in their efforts to protect and assist IDPs, build peace and invest in sustainable development and climate change adaptation. Only then will we be able to reduce the upheaval, trauma and impoverishment that many millions of people suffer each year, and reverse the trends laid out in this report.” 

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