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Report: NI Energy Policy 28 January 2021

Better energy efficiency will benefit whole society – Dodds


Creating a step change in energy efficiency will realise benefits for the whole of Northern Ireland society, Economy Minister Diane Dodds has said.

A new research report, commissioned by the Department for the Economy, has highlighted the range of economic and wider societal benefits that can be achieved by significantly improving how we use energy and move towards a net zero carbon economy.

The reports highlights that, to align with the 2050 net zero commitment, policies will be needed to drive retrofitting of more than 50,000 buildings per year in Northern Ireland within the next decade, more than treble the current rate.

The key recommendations are:

  1. Set obligatory ‘minimum energy efficiency standards’ for buildings.
  2. Develop a range of financial incentives to support energy efficiency activity.
  3. Establish a programme for delivery of retrofit measures.
  4. Establish a ‘one–stop shop’ to support consumer energy efficiency decision–making and oversee the end–to–end supply chain.
  5. Set clear targets for energy efficiency improvements.
  6. Establish a local pilot to support the development of new technical skills in the local energy efficiency sector and test a local accreditation scheme to ensure delivery standards are high.

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