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Solar to bring power to 250m

Solar to bring power to 250m 24 January 2019

Global funds back desert solar to bring power to 250 million Africans (via Climate Home)

By Soila Apparicio

A quarter of a billion Africans could be provided with solar power from the desert, claim organisations behind a new partnership in the Sahel region.

The Desert to Power collaboration between the African Development Bank (ADB), the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and the Africa50 investment fund aims to build 10,000 MW of solar projects across the dry, sunny region.

That would be enough to bring solar–generated electricity to 250 million people, including 90 million through off–grid solutions, which the organisations claim will enable the development of agriculture. Just 42% of people have access to electricity in sub–Saharan Africa.

Green Climate Fund executive director Howard Bamsey said the needs expressed by countries in the region were driving the initiative.

“Sahel countries have identified the potential of solar power to bring green energy to people across the region,” said Bamsey. “Renewable energy investment is a priority in their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement.”

The organisations agreed to share ideas and resources to make solar power available throughout the Sahel region, with the aim of transforming African deserts into new sources of renewable energy.

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