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State of the UK Climate 2019 3 August 2020

Increasing influence of climate change on UK climate (via Met Office)

By Grahame Madge

The sixth report in the State of the UK Climate series confirms that 2019 was the 12th warmest year in a series from 1884.

The latest report covering the climate of the UK – published today [Friday 31 July ]- reveals that the most recent decade (2010-2019) has been on average 0.9° C warmer across the UK than the period 1961-1990, with 2019 being 1.1° C above the 1961-1990 long-term average.

Although sitting outside the top ten warmest years in the series (all since 2002), 2019 was most remarkable for setting four UK high temperature records, including:

  • A new all-time record (38.7° C) 25 July, Cambridge University Botanic Gardens (Cambridgeshire)
  • A new winter record (21.2° C) 26 February, Kew Gardens (London); the first time 20 C has been reached in the UK in a winter month.
  • A new December record (18.7° C) 28 December, Achfary (Sutherland).
  • A new February minimum record (13.9° C) 23 February, Achnagart (Highland)

The all-time and winter records also created new high-temperature records for February and July.

No national low-temperature records were set during the year.

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