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UK climate: good and the bad 20 December 2018

Climate change and the UK: Five good and bad things (via BBC News)


By Roger Harrabin

With UN climate talks under way in Poland, pressure is on for nations to cut carbon emissions fast. The UK says it’s a leader in climate change – but is it?

Here’s a list of the good and bad in terms of the UK’s climate change record – depending on your point of view.

Five good things (from a government perspective)

The British government claims to be a leader in cutting carbon emissions – here are five achievements of present and past administrations.

Climate Change Act

Ten years ago, the UK passed the Climate Change Act, which binds ministers to cutting at least 80% of emissions by 2050. It has inspired other governments from around the world by proving we can have strong economic growth whilst cutting emissions. Scientists say that targets must now be tougher.

Climate Change Committee

Ministers created an independent Climate Change Committee to advise on the cheapest and most effective ways of cutting carbon emissions. The government has exceeded its short–term targets, but it’s slipping away from medium–term goals – and advisers say it’ll face a huge challenge if it raises ambition to tackle 100% of emissions by 2050.

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