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Venice puts up flood defence

Venice puts up flood defence 9 December 2019

Venice brings in giant barriers to stop city being swallowed by rising seas (via The Independent)

By Coleen Barry

Floated along by barge, one of the 10–ton barriers designed to relieve Venice‘s perennial flooding looks like a giant plaything: an oversized hinged yellow Lego.

Central to the plan to protect the city, some or all of the 78 barriers will one day be raised when the sea rises more than 110cm (43 inches), to prevent damaging high tides from pushing into the lagoon city, a world heritage site built picturesquely — but somewhat precariously — upon more than 120 islands. Concerns that high tides are becoming more frequent because of climate change have increased the urgency.

While the concept is simple, its realisation has been anything but.

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