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Climate Resilience in the Built Environment


Climate change is expected to impact on the physical built environment. Warmer summers will increase the urban heat island effect and with the potential to cause drought, while wetter winters will increase flooding events.

Built Environment Network

Climate Northern Ireland is planning to start a built environment network. If you would like to be involved please contact

Climate NI has established sectoral LinkedIn groups to facilitate discussion on climate change adaptation relevant to NI. Please join our Climate Resilience in the Built Environment group.

Information Sheets

Climate NI is developing a series of information sheets about specific issues relevant to climate change adaptation in the built environment. These outline relevant policy and legislation alongside tools and resources to support action. Please see below for the information sheets we have developed to date:

CCRA 2017 Northern Ireland – Built Environment

Improving Flood Resilience in Housing

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

If you have information which you would like included in Climate NI information sheets, please contact

Knowledge Directory

See our current directory of built environment climate change experts:

Patrice Cairns – Policy Manager at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Peter Forster – Chartered Structural Engineer at AECOM

Greg Keeffe – Professor of Architectural Urbanism at Queen’s University Belfast

Jim Kitchen – Executive Director of Sustainable NI

Stephen McCabe – Policy and Projects Officer at Northern Ireland Environment Link

Teresa McGrath – Researcher at Queen’s University Belfast

Leah O’Neill – Heritage Projects Officer at Ulster Architectural Heritage Society

Claire Williamson – Policy Officer NI at Royal Town Planning Institute

Tom Woolley – Architect and Environmental Consultant at Rachel Bevan Architects

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