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Climate Resilience for Health and Wellbeing


Climate change could potentially offer both risks and opportunities to health and wellbeing in NI. There is a potential opportunity for health and wellbeing due to a decline in the number of hospital admissions in winter due to milder weather. There is an expectation of increased demand for emergency services to deal with flooding and wildfires.

Health and Wellbeing Network

Climate Northern Ireland is a part of the Climate Change and Health Partnership hosted by Belfast Healthy Cities. If you would like to know more about this network please contact

Climate NI has established sectoral LinkedIn groups to facilitate discussion on climate change adaptation relevant to NI. Please join our Climate Resilience for Health and Wellbeing group.

Information Sheets

Climate NI is developing a series of information sheets about specific issues relevant to climate change adaptation in health and well–being. These outline relevant policy and legislation alongside tools and resources to support action. Please see below for the information sheets we have developed to date:

CCRA 2017 Northern Ireland – Health and Wellbeing

If you have information which you would like included in Climate NI information sheets, please contact

Knowledge Directory

See our current directory of health and wellbeing climate change experts:

Brian Black – Television Producer at Evergreen Media

Geraint Ellis – Chair of Environmental Planning at Queen’s University Belfast

Nigel McMahon – Chief Environmental Health Officer for DHSSPS

Davy Neill – Emergency Co–ordination Officer at Belfast City Council

David Thomas – Education and Campaigns Co–ordinator at Christian Aid Ireland

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