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Climate Resilience in Infrastructure


Infrastructure is recognised as an important theme in climate change resilience and adaptation. Roads, waste, rail, energy, housing, water supply and ICT are at risk from the impacts of flooding, heat, water scarcity and slope instability caused by severe weather.

Infrastructure Network

Climate Northern Ireland has an infrastructure network, including the Institution of Civil Engineers, NIE, BT, NI Water, Rivers Agency and the Department for Regional Development. The network is chaired by Richard Kirk from ICE. This network aims to raise awareness of climate change impacts and support action. If you would like to apply to join this group please contact

Climate NI has established sectoral LinkedIn groups to facilitate discussion on climate change adaptation relevant to NI. Please join our Climate Resilience in Infrastructure group.

Information Sheets

Climate NI is developing a series of information sheets about specific issues relevant to climate change adaptation in infrastructure. These outline relevant policy and legislation alongside tools and resources to support action. Please see below for the information sheets we have developed to date:

CCRA 2017 Northern Ireland – Infrastructure

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

If you have information which you would like included in Climate NI information sheets, please contact

Knowledge Directory

See our current directory of infrastructure climate change experts:

Nigel Brady – Director at Bryson Energy

Patrice Cairns – Policy Manager at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Michael Doran – Executive Director of Action Renewables

Peter Forster – Chartered Structural Engineer at AECOM

David Hughes – Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering at Queen’s University Belfast

Richard Kirk – Director of the Institution of Civil Engineers Northern Ireland

Anthony McCloy – Director of McCloy Consulting

Roger Street – Director of UKCIP

Aggelos Zacharopoulos – Lecture in Energy at University of Ulster

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