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Climate Resilience in the Natural Environment


Climate change is expected to exacerbate the threat from land use change and management practices to our natural environment. The areas of interest for climate change in the natural environment include, terrestrial, freshwater, coastal and marine environments, their species, habitats and ecosystem services.

Natural Environment Network

Climate NI has established sectoral LinkedIn groups to facilitate discussion on climate change adaptation relevant to NI. Please join our Climate Resilience in the Natural Environment group.

Information Sheets

Climate NI is developing a series of information sheets about specific issues relevant to climate change adaptation in the natural environment. These outline relevant policy and legislation alongside tools and resources to support action. Please see below for the information sheets we have developed to date:

CCRA 2017 Northern Ireland – Natural Environment

If you have information which you would like included in Climate NI information sheets, please contact

Knowledge Directory

See our current directory of natural environment climate change experts:

Brian Black – Television Producer at Evergreen Media

Sue Christie – Retired Director of Northern Ireland Environmental Link

Robin Curry – Principal at SRI Consulting and Research

Chris Johnston – Project Leader at the Agri–Food and Biosciences Institute

John Martin – Senior Conservation Officer for RSPB

Jim McAdam – Branch Head at Agri–Food and Biosciences Institute

Stephen McCabe – Impact Officer at Queen’s University Belfast

Donal Mullan – Lecturer in Physical Geography at Liverpool John Moores University

John O’Sullivan – Lecturer/researcher at University College Dublin

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